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Here we are in the middle of April. Many new year's resolutions have been lonnng forgotten. Still, we are committed to looking (and feeling) our best every day! So here's a friendly introduction to a beauty and style tutorial. Welcome to BEYOND BEAUTY...a go-to guide for recommendations and reminders for a simple approach to maximize your personal style!

CONFIDENCE! The best accessory to wear everyday...pair it with a fresh face and a hot outfit!

PAMPER YOURSELF! Simply put massages reduce stress, eliminate puffiness, and stimulate blood flow....For the full body indulgence, try hot stone, aromatherapy or a Swedish massage once or twice a month. Or melt stress away with a soothing hand or foot massage or have your honey give you a relaxing 15-minute back rub. Aaaaah!

USE COMMON SCENTS! Florals are the most popular with a soft and sweet approach. Orientals, my favorite, are lingering and sensual. Citrus scents are light and fresh. Those with aromatic notes combine citrus, lavender, sweet spices and patchouli for a sultry blend. Explore your options to find a fragrance that I.D.'s you.

MINIMIZE YOUR MORNING ROUTINE WITH MAXIMUM COLOR! Play up your best feature with a healthy dose of color. Add pout to your pucker with bold hues like rich berries, plush plums and ruby reds. Put a twinkle in your eye with shimmery eye liners. Let go of traditional colors like black and brown liners...experiment with purples, deep blues or forest greens. Simply rim the upper eyelid with your favorite shade, add mascara and go.

BLUSH IT UP! Blush can define cheek bones for a dramatic edgy look or brighten your face with a healthy glow. Powders are the easiest to apply. Use a fluffy brush with a full head for a radiant youthful flush. Or dab on a sheer creamy formula for a dewy finish and staying power. Minerals provide a beautiful natural healthy tone that works for all skin types including sensitive and problem-prone skin.

EXFOLIATE! Removing dry flaky skin is essential in maintaining your glow. A good facial regime should include daily cleansing and using an exfoliating product every three days. Products with enzymes gently remove dead skin cells. Products with Vitamin K and shea butter encourage cell repair, are anti-inflammatory and fade scars. Keep body parts soft and supple with scrubs that contain micro beads to stimulate cell reproduction. To combat itchy skin, always hydrate face and body with a good moisturizer.

KEEP NAILS NEAT! Whether it's a few days past a salon visit or it's a DIY mani/pedi in the comfort of our home, nail maintenance is a must! Prevent splits and chips by keeping your nails moisturized. Massage cuticles with rich creams containing Vitamin E and jojoba oils. Soak your fingertips (and tootsies) in warm water and olive oil for a few minutes to allow moisture to seep into nail bed. Square with rounded edges is the best shape for nails. Make manicures last by using neutral shades that don't show much wear. Wear gloves if you're washing dishes. And remember, dark colors take longer to dry so make sure you have a moment to linger.

THE NECESSARY ACCESSORY! Bejeweled bracelets, hammered cuffs, ethnic earrings...the jewelry options seem endless. Frame your face with a patterened scarf or one in a soft solid. Better yet, belt it out! Cinched at the waist or slouched at the hips...thick or thin, they funk up any outfit. Protect your peepers against harmful UV rays with a good pair of sunglasses for a little shady business. Flower power is THE intro to spring...find subtle approaches with watches, strappy sandals and or simply pin one on! A slouchy carryall, chain strap purse, sturdy tote or a bright bowler satchel is an essential way to bag it all. Simply piece together combos from your accessories collection to create your style code.

SLEEP! Finally, do NOT underestimate the power of a good night's rest to replenish and rejuvenate your skin and persona. Six to eight hours of shut eye is good for most of us...Pleasant dreams!!!


  1. Love it!!! Insightful, motivational and encouraging. Thanks for the manicure tips, keep em coming!