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Women's History Month & The Total Wellness Woman

Although Women's History Month is over, I had to feature this women.  Familiar to the BSB blog, TraCey Jones has become a "mother" to many.  She has switched gears from Project F.L.Y. to incorporate young women alongside the males shes mentors.  TraCey seemingly has a full plate as a licensed massage therapist, Kemetic yoga instructor and mom of two.  She is a dynamic woman who believes in wellness in every form -- mind, body and soul.  I love that TraCey expresses her individuality with her signature style-- versatile natural hair 'do's, classic TOM FORD cat eye frames, her hammered silver cuff and beautiful jeweled rings.  She stands strong in what she believes and celebrates her femininity with an edge.  The natural beauty enthusiast is sharing a few of her favorite findings below.
  1. What’s your morning routine (makeup, hair, exercise, etc.)?  When I open my eyes, usually around 5:30/6:00 a.m., I do a meditation session for about 15 minutes.  I have a prayer ritual with my distant SisStar at sunrise.  After I shower; I do a few yoga stretches -- usually tree pose to help me feel grounded and focused and dancers pose.  It's a beautiful stretch that engages many parts of your body and Pyramid pose (downward facing dog) at least twice. I do not go without mascara.  For makeup, on most days, I use my favorite -- L'OREAL Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black  and lip balm  with some color.  I also like something sassy like SEPHORA's lip stains in hot pink or red. As for my hair, it's natural so it's important to keep it very moist and I have tried many things before until I found something that really worked. I prefer easy hairstyles so I can get up and go in the morning .  I've been just washing my hair,  deep conditioning and using MISS JESSIE'S or curls AntiFrizze Moisturizer then let it air dry. To maintain it, I mix pure African Shea butter with different natural and essential oils of my choice to smell good every two days.  
  2. What’s in your cosmetic bag? You will always find mascara, BURT'S BEES Honey or Pomegranate oil lip balm, a couple of different shades of pink lip gloss and lip stain, GINGER & LIZ nail file and nail lacquer remover wipes.
  3. What is your beauty secret?  One beauty secret is that I really believe you are what you eat and I’m getting better at it.  I like to keep it natural so I use as little as possible but I will use eye shadow sometimes. I like the URBAN DECAY Naked2 Eye Shadow pallete --  a neutral color every day and when going out a color with more pop.
  4. Name one product you can’t live without. Two products I can't live without is mascara and a lip balm. I don't need anything else on my face but I love mascara!  I think eyes and lips speak volumes;).  Mascara can enhance the shape of your eyes and your lips should look kissable at all times. Eyes and lips can entrance people when you're speaking to them.
  5. Do you use any natural cosmetic or skin care products?   Yes I try to only use natural products. My skin care and hair care products consist of sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil and hazelnut oil to name a few. 
  6. Share your favorite DIY skincare treatment or lux treatments?   I use the oil cleansing moisturizing technique -- one with astringent properties such as hazelnut.  I clean my face with it.  I do this in the morning and at night to remove my makeup. I massage the oil on my face with my fingertips then I put a hot cloth over it, let it seep in and wipe off the excess.  For my weekend morning bath ritual, I add sea salt and orange peels.
  7. Describe your style?  (Vixen? Classic?  Edgy?  Romantic?  Boho-Bold?)  My style is sexy/funky Boho chic. And I love boots!
  8. Who is your beauty inspiration or style icon?  I love Jennifer Lopez' makeup.  She always looks flawless, never overdone and her eyes are always popping ever so subtly.
  9. What is your look for date night/girl’s night out?  Girl’s night out or date night I love to keep it simple and sexy.  I think dresses are feminine all on their own.  Leggings with a nice bright sequin top, booties/boots for me it’s all about sexy comfort.
  10. Share your tips for diet and well being.  I am consciously moving towards being a vegetarian.  As of now, I don't eat processed foods, no fast food,  a little chicken but mainly  fish. Yes potato chips are my weakness! Yoga is my exercise of choice because it feels the most natural.  There's a holistic approach to health affecting your mind, body and spirit. If I could get to the gym easily I would go everyday just to use the elliptical for about 30 minutes.  I try to do a bit of yoga everyday but I walk with purpose.