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Natural Hair Care and Natural Oils: BLACK HAIR IS

So, I do NOT have natural hair but my daughter does.  And many of my family and friends too!  It's no secret, all of them are obsessed with oils. Me?  I am a strong believer that treating natural (and relaxed) hair with botanical oils hydrate, fortify and make it grow.

I've learned the value of deep conditioning with various oils.  Olive, grape seed and jojoba offer amazing results -- prevent split ends, breakage and add elasticity.  Castor oil has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and it seems to loosen my daughter's curl pattern at the root.  And since she gets a good amount of shrinkage, the oils make detangling easier.  I also like to spritz the oils combined with water when she has braids and twists.

I came across SIMPLICITY HAIR OIL on Instagram.  The brand promises stronger locks and hair growth --who doesn't love that?  The blend  of all natural oils should keep dandruff at bay and stimulate hair follicles. The SHO site boasts of testimonials from customers with Alopecia and even has celebrity reviews -- women who suffer from their edges being destroyed by weaves and lace front wigs.

A technique that I'm going to try soon is oil rinsing.  It's an extra step between the shampoo/conditioner process that allows hair to maintain moisture better, increase softness and make detangling easier.  Plus hair is supposed to be super shiny after a cool rinse.  Worth a shot to me.

No matter if your hair is color treated, relaxed or natural, flowing down your back or cropped close to your head, a healthy scalp and healthy hair is the ultimate goal for us all.


Sneak Peek Celebrity Beauty: Kelly Osbourne & M.A.C.

M.A.C. COSMETICS and our favorite Brit, Kelly Osbourne have collaborated on a beauty collection for next month.  The haul includes two eye shadow palettes, pretty lip shades, Skin Finish duo face powder, eye and lip liners and a cool blush (Cheeky Bugger -- how cute is that?) all of which compliment her lilac locks, of course.  The launch is also set to include brushes all packaged in the prettiest purple.  Shop online June 2nd and in store June 14th.  

Love this soft apricot lip with the purple shadow...simply gorgeous!  

(Pssst...Be on the lookout for a collection from her mum, Sharon, too!)

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