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Three Embarassing Beauty Blunders...Solved!

Remember the slogan "raise your hands if you're sure?" Sweaty armpits are particularly unsightly like food stuck in your teeth. If you wear an anti-perspirant but find your armpits still feel damp, help is available at a drugstore near you. SECRET Clinical Strength Advanced Solid provides the strongest wetness and odor protection. It also stays active in heat, humidity and water. Use it at night and in the morning to keep wet pits under control.

If you were a tom-boy or a bit clumsy as a child (like me), most-likely you have the scars to prove it. Vitamin E or a scar treatment can fade some scarring but if you're looking for a quick fix, use a cover up. Apply a highly pigmented concealer to the area and blend! I remember when I first saw this trick...A girl group was getting ready for a performance. One of them applied concealer and translucent powder to a scar on her leg, put on her stilettos and rushed onstage. I use Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer by MAC Cosmetics. It's been one of my beauty secrets since.

With days of flip flops and sandals ahead, it's a must to keep heels smooth! Maintain pedicures with this DIY trick in the shower. For callouses, use a wet pumice stone along with a body scrub to slough away dead skin. Rub on a rich cream like BURT'S BEES Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme. It gently exfoliates, prevents the formation of callouses, and moisturizes too. If the skin is too thick, consult a podiatrist.


Perfect Pout

What has a sheer wash of color? Hydrates and nourishes chapped lips? And protects with SPF 15 and antioxidant ingredients throughout the day? It's NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment. The sleek slim stick can be applied directly to your lips or with a brush for more control! Available in six sexy shades to wear alone or with your favorite lip product.

* Vitamin E and Mango Butter - extremely moisturizing
* Polar Berries and Acai Oil - long lasting hydration

Leaves lips feeling soft, supple and ready for a sweet kiss.
Surely there's one for you. Check


World Fitness Day 2010

It seems some of us may have abandoned our exercise routines. We should make a commitment to get fit all over again! This Saturday, May 1st, we can do just that. It's WORLD FITNESS DAY, a first time ever tribute to staying active throughout life. Per Denene Millner/MyBrownBaby founder and author extraordinaire, a special kickoff event is being held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Jane Fonda will host an anticipated 3,000 participants in fun and fitness. The 72 year-old is pairing with tae-bo expert, Billy Blanks and aerobics guru, Richard Simmons. Multi-talented Debbie Allen is also joining in the festivities. It's a celebration of good health at any age to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

If you aren't in the Atlanta area, you can participate by logging on to www.UStream.TV for a live feed. If you're out and about in NYC, take advantage of the pleasant forecast for Saturday. Think about a routine that works best for you and your schedule. Start the day with some stretches or yoga, a brisk walk, or go biking. Then try to stick with's a life plan.

TIP: Ladies -- Be sure to wear a sturdy sports bra no matter what your cup size. A good one fits snug and provides maximum support. Invest in Under Armour HeatGear Strength bra, Saucony Motion Sensor bra and Bendon Sport Max Out Technical Support bra for my buxom beauties.

Ready? Set? Sweat!

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Prom Photo Shoot 4.24.10

This weekend I had the pleasure to be a part of a special photo shoot with my friend Charly at ABOUTFACE! I must say it was quite an event. The models were excited about the project, the stylist pulled the perfect ensembles, and the hair stylist was amazing! Her team and family made it fun. Paired with the weather and location for the shoot, it was pretty darn cool. Best of all, Charly and I had the chance to what we love.


NARS 2010 Summer Collection

"I designed the makeup to bring a natural-looking glow to the skin, while allowing women to have fun with color. After all, summer is a playful season, nothing should be too complicated!" - Fran├žois Nars

The NARS Summer Collection/2010 is beautiful...The launch was inspired by "Belle de Jour" (1967 film) with Catherine Deneuve, a French beauty. In my opinion, it's a tribute to the tropics. From the beautiful Burn It Blue eye shadow duo to the new Lamu Multiple, together it's the perfect compliment to sun-kissed skin. Enchanted, the peachy cream blush, creates a luminous complexion complimenting most any skin tone. You can pretty up pedicures with Versailles nail polish -- a soft champagne/gold shade. It's a seasonal opportunity you shouldn't IS limited edition and in stores now!



The bright ad in Sephora on 5th Ave caught my eye showcasing their newest launch: the SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Play - 5 in 1 Color . It's a five palette kit that interchanges featuring eye, lip and cheek color. Colors range from soft neutrals to vibrant hues. Each fits into a portable compact too. The new formula promises strong color payoff and long wear! You can always use a primer to ensure color stays put. If you want to experiment with looks, this limited edition set is for you. A $150 value for $29.50 at stores or online. All online orders receive a beauty bonus -- a free Peter Thomas Roth botanical facial scrub or whatever you choose.



Earth Day is designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the environment. That means we can make better choices in just about every area of our lives. Although all beauty products may not be 100% natural, eco-friendly beauty choices are abundant. Ones you may want to try:

ECO TOOLS 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set
* cruelty free bristles
* natural & recycled materials
* convenient travel size
* great for mineral makeup
(about $12 at drugstores and

ZOYA Nail Polish
* free of chemicals
* vegan friendly
* array of colors and finishes
(easily found in salons for $7 or

LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
* use all over body after shower
* contains fair trade cocoa butter and jasmine
* personal favorite
(approx $12 at LUSH stores/34th St NYC or


Calling in the BALM Squad

I've been getting inquiries about lip color causing chapped lips and discoloration. I suffer the same problem when I forget to use my trusty lip balm under my gloss. Usually, I apply just enough balm to coat my lips. I want to ensure the color deposits without sliding off.

THE CAUSE: Dry, chapped lips are caused by exposure to the elements, reactions to cosmetic ingredients, medication, dehydration, or repetitive licking of the lips (think LL COOL J).

THE SOLUTION: Go for lip balms that have a high content of natural oils and beeswax. Petroleum-based balms are good too. Those with added sunscreen serve to protect delicate skin. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and maybe consider a humidifier for the bedroom.

* NIVEA's A Kiss of Protection Lip Care with SPF 30 $2.49 @
* CLARKS Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm with jasmine oil @ C.O. Bigelow/$19.
* CARMEX Fresh Mint Lip Balm - cooling classic balm for $1.49 @ local drugstores.
* FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment was voted THE "Best Lip Balm" in ALLURE Magazine-October 2009/Best of Beauty. Worth trying to me!

* DR. BRONNER & SUN DOG's Magic Organic Lip Balm in Naked for $3 @ and
* BADGER Lip Balm "blends organic extra-virgin oils, waxes, exotic butters, herbal extracts & pure essential oils." Free of synthetics,
parabens and chemicals.

TRY: BADGER BALM Cocoa Butter Lip Balm/3 Pack: the long lasting balm contains sweet orange peel extract, cocoa butter and extract of dark roasted Arabica Coffee Beans...keeping lips moisturized and soothed for a good, long time! The trio is only $13 at


Big M.A.C. Exclusives

MAC Opulash is here! With comparisons to DIORshow mascara, it offers dramatic density, curls and claims 15 hours of wear (contains natural beeswax). I tried it and was impressed. My lashes were actually thicker and longer! In Bad, Bad Black, it's a promise to "big, fat, bouffant lashes" for $14.

MAC essentials are now altogether in a set: the Lashed & Lined Kit ($57 value) is $40:
* Pro Eye Makeup Remover (trial size)
* Technakohl Graph Black Eye Liner
* Prep+Prime Lash
* Zoom Lash Black Mascara

These four items come in a clear makeup case and is great for travel.
The two specials are exclusive to NORDSTROM and are available for a limited time only.


For Friends & Family

Attention shopaholics and recessionistas! Beyond Beauty is trying something new. SAKS FIFTH AVENUE is having a savings event this week so I don't want you to miss it. I'm hoping all you have to do is CLICK, PRINT, SHOP and SAVE!

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What's In Your Makeup Bag?

I have a personal checklist of what goes in my carryall each time I switch them. Wallet, hand cream, comb, (check) tissue, gum, flashlight (check-don't ask), water, and my MAC makeup bag. Yes, I need all of the aforementioned items. But I REALLY must have the items in that little black case. Currently, it holds:

* a pair of contact lenses
* Blistex
* L'Oreal Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
* MAC 219 Pencil Brush
* MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher
* MAC Lipgelee in Dewy Jube
* MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Beyond Bronze
* MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty
* Sonia Kashuk Travel Blusher Brush
* NARS Dual Ended Lip Gloss in Giza/Boogie Nights
* Tom Ford Black Orchid spritzer and
* a mirror

Of course, I trade some products for different shades but essentially, that's everything. If you want a splash of color, the Liberty of London is the MAC Makeup Bag for has a vinyl protective coating that makes it easy to clean. ($25 at For easy touch-ups and a cute compact case, check out the JAPONESQUE PROFESSIONAL SET. Contains five brushes in a take-anywhere tube. ($19 @

Now, it's your turn...Tell me what's in YOUR makeup bag?


Attack The Belly Fat

Warm Weather + Shedding Layers = Exposure!
My stomach pooch hid under my coat all winter but it's annoying me now. Soon EVERYone may notice "IT." When my friend complained about her tummy too, I knew more folks wanted to join the fight. So belly fat EVERYWHERE beware!

The midsection is prone to bloat, expand and jiggle at the most inconvenient times. But I found five rules with claims to shape and tone our abs.

Rule #1: Attack the hidden core muscles: your abdominis, multifidis, and internal obliques. Lie on your back and place your palms just below your navel. Exhale and allow your tummy to expand as far as you can, then focus on pulling your belly button toward your spine, drawing your abdomen toward the floor. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 8 to 10 times.
Rule #2: Move your butt!
Rule #3: Eat flat-belly foods.
Rule #4: Stop stressing.
Rule #5: Work your abs less often.

For full details, go to or for a yoga inspired workout.

TIP: Skipping meals is not the key to losing weight or inches. Make sure you eat small healthy meals throughout the day: a yogurt, a banana or a handful of almonds or drink a protein shake. Be sure your diet is high in lean protein. Incorporate plenty of water, fresh fruit and leafy veges. Our plan of attack is sure to bring on the sexy.


Get Your Groom On!

It's not what you think...I'm talking about products for men! Y'all have just as many concoctions: body washes, moisturizers, facial cleansers, scrubs, aftershaves. Admit it, you feel just as good as we do after your daily prep and primp. A few man-tastic toiletries in my home are:

BATH & BODY AROMATHERAPY SENSUAL BODY WASH in Black Currant Vanilla is "infused with a blend of essential oils to heighten sensuality and instill feelings of comfort and confidence." The back of the bottle instructs you to breathe deeply for best results...Love that recommendation because it smells delish!

KIEHL'S FACIAL FUEL ENERGIZING SCRUB combines caffeine, menthol and vitamin E to minimize ingrown hairs and their ULTIMATE MEN'S AFTER SHAVE BALM soothes and moisturizes with avocado oil and cocoa butter...gotta love it.

Then there's tried and true PALMER'S COCOA BUTTER which heals and softens the skin while it smooths scars.

Prefer eco-friendly products? BURT'S BEES NATURAL SKIN CARE FOR MEN contain ingredients that are both gentle and effective. Great reviews for the Bay Rum Aftershave Balm (bay oil is known for its antiseptic and emollient qualities). It banishes the burn with a subtle blend of herbs, spices and natural essential oils. Not bad for $12 at

Last, invest in a good mustache and beard trimmer set. Check out kits from WAHL, BRAUN or CONAIR. It's money well spent!


All About Face

Skin creams, serums, and anti-aging products? Some of us are considering these options. As each birthday passes, fine lines, dry skin and wrinkles may become a concern. philosophy's latest collection, Box of Miracles Anti-Aging Skin Care Trio includes a "miraculous anti-aging trio designed to give you intensely smooth, luminous, ageless skin." Hmmm? Supposedly, it improves skin's elasticity, firmness AND increases moisture with a promise to leave skin radiant and supple. The skin care line is a QVC exclusive until June 1st at $69.96! So you can be among the first to try sure to let me know what you think!

Also, Olay Regenerist has a plethora of products to choose from at drugstores everywhere! You may also like their pro line, Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol available at for $49.99.

Remember, our skin is nourished from the inside out. Generally, nothing works better than plenty of water, a balanced diet, and a good night's sleep on a regular basis.


The Feel Good Week

The healing touch of massage feels reaaaaaally good. And Monday kicks off National Spa Week. Services include manicures, massages, body waxing and facials too. Log onto to find a location near you. One of my favorite places is The Townhouse Spa in midtown/NYC ( If you prefer a bit more seclusion and privacy, it may be better to enjoy some of the same luxurious treatments at home (as in sweet home). Melt away the stress and knead out the knots in your humble abode. Hire a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for a few hours to ensure your "spa day" is totally hassle and stress free! Hot stone, deep tissue or couples massage services are offered at a great rate! Afterwards, you can wind down even more...any way you want.

Feel free to contact me directly for LMT referrals (male & female).


Hair To Stay

Spring beauty is all about color. If you're considering highlights, low lights or full hair color, be sure to protect your investment. You need a good cleansing shampoo that won't strip the color or over-dry your hair. CAROL'S DAUGHTER created the Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner Duo ($28.50 @ It gently removes product build-up and toxins. Rosemary extract, menthol and peppermint oil give your scalp a refreshing tingly clean. Jojoba oil, pro-vitamin B5 and coconut oil detangles and infuses hair with moisture. Best of all, the products are sulfate-free and do not contain parabens, artificial colors or petroleum. You may also like the EverPure line from L'OREAL PARIS. Products are 100% vegan, sulfate-free and have an anti-fade system for long-lasting color. Approximately $7 each at drugstores. For a professional point of view, consult with your colorist for a color shampoo/conditioner combo that works best with your hair!


Getcha Nails Did!

Spring is all about the pretty. So I've been getting into the spirit with explosive nail color. SALLY HANSEN has a new line, the COMPLETE SALON MANICURE that is just that...a salon manicure in a bottle. Contains a base coat, a strengthener, a growth treatment, color and base coat all in one. It has an amazing tapered wide brush for full coverage. It dries pretty quickly despite the fact that the polish seemed a bit thick. My manicure survived several days of bathing and dish washing without chipping. Well worth the $7.95 I paid but you can catch the sale at Target this week. It's only $ favorite hue is "Thinking of Blue." Pick yours from the other 41 shades!


Playing Dress Up

This past-time takes on a high-tech vibe. Check out LOOKLET.COM, the first digital styling studio. The site lets you put together your entire ensemble. Begin by choosing a model. Place her in different backgrounds with special effects. Select pieces from your favorite designers and view it front and back. Love the feel of a cool comfy fabric? Click on the "material" tab for cotton. Navigate through items from Forever 21 to Fendi with seasonal tags and a guide to the official website. Almost everything is available online which makes it easy! And if you don't like it in the end, click clear and start again. Playing with dolls is still cool...the grown-up way. Happy Shopping!!!