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Who says we have to wait around til mid-month to celebrate the men in our life? Any day that we choose is ideal to show how much we care for them!

TIME AFTER TIME: They make wonderful gifts...fashionable and useful. In leather or stainless steel, a luxe or conventional brand, you can't go wrong with a good timepiece. Kenneth Cole New York Men's Strap Watch for $150 @ is simple and classic for days at the office. For a sporty option, the striped Lacoste Mainsail Men's Round Watch is water resistant and comes in three vibrant colors which compliment a stainless steel logo dial. Smart price: $235!

CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN: This cliche is so an extent. A man in a tailored suit is a lovely sight indeed. But it only works for a man who conveys the proper attitude. Yes! Confidence...Swagger... Savoire faire! Coupled with good posture, it's a sure sign of self assurance since he won't be taken seriously if he slouches. For more grooming and etiquette tips, pick up a copy of MANIFEST X.O @ for him.

BE THE BOSS: Make an executive decision with these traditional gifts. Check out for shirts, cuff links, pocket squares and ties. Or for aromatherapy-based products, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving techniques to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn and treat sensitive skin...a true value @ $100. Encourage a daily skin care regime as well. Kiehls' Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub sloughs away dead skin and minimizes skin irritations. Zirh Shave Cream landed the Men's Health Grooming Award 2009 in the best shave category -- known to reduce razor drag and burn! And yes, men need to moisturize too! L'Oreal's Men's Expert Vita Lift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Moisturizer does the job and protects with SPF 15!

USE A BIT OF COMMON SCENTS: Gift sets are plentiful at our favorite department stores...Take advantage! Colognes paired with free duffel bags, shower gels or travel toiletries are a steal! Try Black by Kenneth Cole, Chrome by Azzaro or Sean John's I AM KING. These fragrances will surely make you want to linger a bit longer when he comes in the room!

WHAT EVERY MAN SHOULD HAVE: Still floored for presents to present to the special man in your life??? These items are essentials for the modern man and make great gifts all year round!

* A monogrammed pen set
* A leather wallet or passport holder
* Brief case or laptop case
* A good cookbook

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