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The Feel Good Week

The healing touch of massage feels reaaaaaally good. And Monday kicks off National Spa Week. Services include manicures, massages, body waxing and facials too. Log onto to find a location near you. One of my favorite places is The Townhouse Spa in midtown/NYC ( If you prefer a bit more seclusion and privacy, it may be better to enjoy some of the same luxurious treatments at home (as in sweet home). Melt away the stress and knead out the knots in your humble abode. Hire a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for a few hours to ensure your "spa day" is totally hassle and stress free! Hot stone, deep tissue or couples massage services are offered at a great rate! Afterwards, you can wind down even more...any way you want.

Feel free to contact me directly for LMT referrals (male & female).


  1. Hey BLACKswan what is the rule for nail polish color and the season. I cant seem to get away from the rich dark colors.

  2. Hey Anonymous...I don't think there is a rule. Many nail collections create a spring palette with pastel or vibrant shades. But they also include the vampy colors too: OPI/Jade Is The New Black (pine green); Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure/Midnight in NY (deep blue) and Revlon/Devilish (chocolate brown). So break the "rule"...its about your individuality and signature style.