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World Fitness Day 2010

It seems some of us may have abandoned our exercise routines. We should make a commitment to get fit all over again! This Saturday, May 1st, we can do just that. It's WORLD FITNESS DAY, a first time ever tribute to staying active throughout life. Per Denene Millner/MyBrownBaby founder and author extraordinaire, a special kickoff event is being held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Jane Fonda will host an anticipated 3,000 participants in fun and fitness. The 72 year-old is pairing with tae-bo expert, Billy Blanks and aerobics guru, Richard Simmons. Multi-talented Debbie Allen is also joining in the festivities. It's a celebration of good health at any age to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

If you aren't in the Atlanta area, you can participate by logging on to www.UStream.TV for a live feed. If you're out and about in NYC, take advantage of the pleasant forecast for Saturday. Think about a routine that works best for you and your schedule. Start the day with some stretches or yoga, a brisk walk, or go biking. Then try to stick with's a life plan.

TIP: Ladies -- Be sure to wear a sturdy sports bra no matter what your cup size. A good one fits snug and provides maximum support. Invest in Under Armour HeatGear Strength bra, Saucony Motion Sensor bra and Bendon Sport Max Out Technical Support bra for my buxom beauties.

Ready? Set? Sweat!

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  1. Yea man! Staying fit is a challenge yet it can be simple. For my age/weight/height group, ok I’ll admit, I’m a bit overweight but who isn’t. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on billboards, commercials and restaurants that pack on the saturated fat and excess junk food, they tell us bigger is better only to have these very same critics to parade these thin stick figure chicks in our faces and tell us this is how we should look. Ok had to vent a little with a little hateration goin on. I mean, I don’t want to look like a lollipop but bending over to pick up something off the floor shouldn’t be a workout on its own.
    Anything is possible with a sensible BALANCED diet and exercises. Look at Michael Phelps! The kid eats anything he wants but the key to staying fit is to STAY active. If you truly want to lose some weight or just get fit and stay active. One good workout I use all the time is Jillian Michael’s DVD call “30 Day Shred”/Lose 20 lbs in 30 days. Of course anyone that states you can lose a massive amount of weight in an obscene amount of, I would be skeptical. But I must say I am impressed with the results. I’m starting to get a six pack.
    For those of you who are fitness gurus, PX90 is worth every dollar spent. My body hurts just talking about it.
    Hope to see everyone in Atlanta this Saturday and make every step count.
    OMGoodness, can you believe Jane Fonda is 72?! She is so awesome!

  2. Hey Lola! I have the same's great! Staying active is the key!