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The Great Wax Job

Can you remember when the craze for waxing and "The Brazilian" began? I was in the music industry. All of the chi chi girls talked about how clean and fresh they felt. Not to mention how amazing they looked poolside and bedside. Alrighty...*wide-eyed stare*

We are well aware of what a bikini/Brazilian wax entails. Warmed wax, special cloths and clenched fists. It IS uncomfortable but the hair generally takes 3-4 weeks to grow back. Is it worth it? As a woman, vanity and pain stroll together hand in hand often.

TIP: Manage the pain with a two painkillers before your appointment. If it still hurts, ask the technician to apply strips to smaller areas. The waxer may resort to tweezers for remaining strays.


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  1. A Brazilian Wax is definitely quite painful but it does leave you feeling like you are having a party down under. That plus the reaction on your significant other's face is priceless. I recommend getting one at least once!!

  2. I love J-Sisters for their Brazilian Wax! I'm addicted to it!!
    Mini Moo

  3. Dear Anonymous & Mini Moo...The BLACKswan must may have to cross over...Thanks!