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Haute Style for Le$$

This weekend, many of us will be pulling out our SATC 2 inspired gear. Sexy platforms and strappy shoes, designer bags, and a FABulous outfit as we celebrate "us" over cocktails.

You may think this requires a little shopping...but there's a smart option to buying something new. You can RENT your favorite carryall just like Carrie's assistant in the first movie. At AVELLE's BAG BORROW or STEAL, high end designers are featured (CHANEL, CHLOE, vintage, and more). If you fall in love with your rental, it's yours for 70% LESS than retail price. Join for details.

If the 3-day weekend has you celebrating something else, order an A-list frock for the event at for as little as $50. The slogan: "Rent. Wear. Return." Offers next day shipping. You won't find a deal like that at Bloomies or Bergdorf.

TIP: Shop for stylish sandals in early fall or boots in June at NEIMAN MARCUS and NORDSTROM (women's half yearly sale started today). Also check for serious salesprices: up to 70% off!

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  1. The Black Swan,

    This seems cool. I'll check into this. Thanks!