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All About Eyes at CLINIQUE

Are you burning both ends of the candles? Overworked and overly tired? You may notice that your eyes are telling the story even if you're not. How? Under eye puffiness and dark circles!

If you can't get your schedule under control, at least you can look as if you have. CLINIQUE all about eyes rich and the all about eyes serum de-puffing eye massage to the rescue! The lush cream supposedly diminishes shadows and fine lines instantly and over time. Helps boosts collagen production and de-puffs with calming botanicals for $28.50. Onto the roller ball: the cooling serum helps massage away bags and hydrates puffy eyes immediately. Armed with caffeine, antioxidants and soothing botanicals, it combats dark circles. Great for all skin types and oil-free @ $25.50.

Reality Check: Not sure how effective the products are for those with considerable darkness and under eye puffiness. The cream contains shea butter which is highly moisturizing and the anti-oxidants are great for all skin types. However, to reduce these problems over time, nothing works better than a good night's sleep, a balanced diet, and maybe a concealer for instant results.

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