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The Baubles & Beauty Event

This past Friday, a friend hosted an elegant jewelry party with a twist. Basic beauty was added to the mix....

At the "BAUBLES & BEAUTY EVENT" guests shopped for unique statement pieces, colorful summer scarves and other fun accessories. A private skin care vendor gave personalized skin evaluations, and yours truly provided product recommendations and mini-makeovers. Each consultation focused on eyes and lips!

The ladies left with fashionable jewelry, great skin care products and a refreshed look. They even set up dates to host their own parties this summer! Good times ahead!


  1. I had a good time on Friday, it was so nice meeting you, you are so real. Its hard to find other females that are secure with their selves who can just meet you and treat you like an old friend. My family was shocked to see me wearing makeup but I loved it.


    Ps. if you have a chance don't forget to check out my website The company just came out with a Newer version of the videophone. And I'll be in touch this week.

  2. Hey Chatese...
    Thank you for the kind words. Glad all liked your makeover. I will check out your site as well.