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It's All Smoke & Mirrors

Just about every gal loves to get glammed up every now and again. What does the trick in an instant every time? Fluttery falsies! The celebrity artist behind Kim Kardashian's lush lashes, Stephen Moleski, has created a signature lash line called "SMOKE & MIRRORS".

What makes these so great?
  • Seven styles to choose from -- one for just about any look.
  • Super affordable -- only $13.50 (order at
  • 100% human hair on a flexible silicone band.
  • A portion of the sale goes to a children's charity, Heather's Hope.
Application Tip: Bend the lash to fit the shape of your eye. Be sure to trim them at the outer corners as needed and apply lash glue. I love Duo Adhesive which is available at any drugstore.

Glancing at the site, I think my favorite is the Hollywood Lash.


  1. How do you avoid excess glue around your eyes for those folks that are all thumbs ?

  2. Dear Anonymous:
    Use a toothpick or rounded end of tweezers to spread adhesive on lash band. You should allow glue to dry a bit/sticky to the touch to avoid the goopy mess. Place lash as close to your lash line as possible. Fill in gaps with liner for a natural look. Let me know if this helps!

  3. I'm a new lash wearer... VERY new... so, pardon the "dahhh" question. But, are these lashes for one-time use? Can you give your "glam girl" instructions on the best way for a 1st time user to apply... Perhaps I should practice with some cheap ones from the beauty supply store first???


  4. Anonymous II: I would definitely practice at home with some cheapies like Ardell for $3.00. You can follow the tips mentioned above or try a demi-lash (fits on the outer corners only) since they're easier to apply. Keep me posted.

  5. I like the nashville lashes. I am more low key glamorous. you post great tips!