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Performing Double Duty

For various reasons, there may be times when we need a substitute for our normal beauty products. Whether it's because we've run out or are on the go, in a crunch, these essentials have to be "replaced."

Interested in a quick fix?
  • Add shine to dull hair immediately. Try JOHNSON's Baby Oil Gel. A little goes a long way!
  • Dab a rich hand cream onto hair to calm fly aways in a cinch. NIVEA Creme works well.
  • Slather on hair conditioner like GARNIER FRUCTIS Haircare Body Boost Conditioner when you're out of shaving cream. Instantly moisturizes legs in the process and reduces risk of razor burn.
  • Soften cracked cuticles with lip balm for immediate conditioning. I like YES TO CARROTS Conditioning Lip Butter.

Each of these double duty performers are less than $5.00 at local drugstores. But the best thing about these products is you probably already have them at home, at your desk or in your bag!

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