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Tailor-Made Shades

Whether you prefer a top designer or a cheapie from H&M, alot of thought goes into buying a pair of shades. They have to fit our style and MUST have a comfortable fit. If you feel pressure at your temples, the frame is too small. If light seeps in from all angles, then the frame is too big.

TIP: Take your face shape into account for the best fit and most flattering look.

If you have a narrow face:
Go for rounded lenses to soften angles.
Choose frames with embellishments on the arm to draw attention to the outside of your face, making it seem fuller.
Opt for a small frame like Aviators which provide a nice balance...straight edges at the top and rounded at the nose/cheek area.

For those of us with wide faces:
Try a frame with spring hinges to avoid squeezing the temples.
Frames should be wider than the widest part of your face...bigger is better!

Is your face...
Round? Angled or squared frames slim the face and show off cheekbones.
Heart-shaped? Rounded upper corners are ideal.
Square? Gently curved lenses add softness and lengthen your face.
Oval? Take your have the most versatility.


  1. Black Swan,

    I still have a tough time finding shades that fit me just right. I consider myself having a big head so finding larger frames sometimes is troubling for me. Great job as always!

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