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Fall Forecast

Designers are showcasing their fall/winter lines in stores and beauty brands are launching limited edition collections. We all want to keep our looks current -- beauty and style...that's for sure.

I've been sharing tips that I thought would interest you. Let's kick off the season with fall's top trends from YOUR POINT OF VIEW, your fall forecast.

Tell me what you want to know to update your beauty notebook:
  • What trends you want to try?
  • Which shades do you want to experiment with?
  • Do you know your skin type?
Interested in waking up your wardrobe with fall trends?
  • Want an option to basic black?
  • Do you know what works best for your body type?
  • Where can you find????
Share your favorite topics/questions/concerns right here on The BLACKswan at Beyond Beauty Blog. Prefer not to make your POV public, email me at! Look forward to your input and thank you!


  1. Hey Black Swan..

    1.Can you recommend a nude lipstick and/or lip pencil? I really want to achieve that bare naturale look.

    2.Also can you recommend a brown blush? Nothing too heavy. I want to come away from wearing pinks and reds.


  2. Hey Jonelle:
    1. I prefer the Nude Lip Liners from Smashbox (four shades to choose from), M.A.C.'s Oak and Hodgepodge lip liner for staying power. I love the retro feel of Freckletone lipstick.

    2. I substitute bronzers for blush along with Format, Sweet as Cocoa and Raizin...all M.A.C. staples.

    Let me know what works for you. Send a pix to for posting if you like.

  3. Hey Toscha,

    I'd like to know about organic and health conscious makeup options.



  4. Joey...thanks for the suggestion. Organic and ecofriendly cosmetics coming soon.