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Wild Child Revisted

Animal prints. Even pin-up legend, Bettie Page, knew it was hot look. Seems to be the one trend that keeps resurfacing. Venturing on the wild side can be fun, sexy and stylish. While some prefer to steer clear of this fad, I, for one, embrace it...Gently.

Ready to bring out your wild side?
Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep everything simple and neutral...that means accessories, hair, and makeup.

  • Ensure you have the proper fit. If it's too tight, it's too much!

  • Invest in a piece you like and store's sure to be "popular" all over again.

  • Shoes and scarves are the easiest ways to keep this style current.

  • Tighter prints like leopard and cheetah are universally flattering for clothing. Zebra and giraffe patterns (lots of light space) are a bit more difficult to wear.

  • Avoid a fashion faux pas...head to toe leopard print is a "DON'T"!

  • Pair with basic black, classic white or a neutral beige.

  • Most importantly, one pattern at a time.

P.S. This look commands attention. Most important accessory is CONFIDENCE.


  1. How about animal print and red is a out of style pair up. Thanks for keeping us current & SEXY!

  2. Very sexy and fashion forward. Any tips on gentlemen seeking to wear a leopard print suit blazers? I see those prints are starting to become popular. Thanks!

  3. Martin: I found a few things...Post coming soon.