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The One Gentleman

Dolce & Gabbana's latest potion celebrates twenty years of menswear. I admit to being a fan of most of their colognes. They're so provocative and sensual. Most recently, I'm taken by THE ONE. (I am infamous for sneaking a spritz or two at home.) But will I be able to handle another?

THE ONE GENTLEMAN is the new fragrance from D&G. It gives homage to a real gentleman: simply elegant and iconic. Expect notes of grapefruit, fennel, pepper, lavender and cardamom while the base is vanilla and patchouli. Perfect for the one with traditional masculinity and modern swagger.

A perfumed body collection will accompany the line. Purchase 1 oz and 1.6 oz now at$42 to $57.


  1. I don't really get into many colognes, but I will get a sample next time I visit a department store!

  2. So far The Blackswan hasn't been wrong when it comes fashion, style and trends.

  3. @ Flawlesscrowns: Let me know what you think.
    @ SupremeT: Thank you! :)