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Shopping Smart

A trip to our favorite store can be time consuming. Travelling, browsing, selecting and trying on stuff...It's an all day event. So if you're looking to add essential pieces to your wardrobe, take this tips into consideration:
  • Make A List: Be focused on what you want to buy. The list should include details like color and quantity. It will reduce impulse buys!
  • What to Wear: Comfy clothes that are easy to remove and put back on over and over! This includes shoes too. No fuss wrinkle free garments, light jacket and slips ons are fuss free.
  • Three's the Key: Take at least 3 different sizes into the fitting room with you since each designer cuts garments differently. I did that today at Banana Republic with a black shirt literally...size 8, 10 & 12! Don't worry about the number...the fit is what matters.
  • Allow for Some Alone Time: It's fun to go shopping with the girls but to maintain focus (and stay within your budget) InStyle experts recommend shopping solo! It's also a huge time saver.
  • The Shape You're In: That means buy for the body you have now...Buying a smaller size won't necessarily give you the incentive to lose a few inches/pounds. Our goal is to look good now! If you shed a few pounds down the road, visit your tailor.

For more shopping and styling tips, check out Inside Fashion at InStyle! Hoping your shopping trips are fruitful and fun! Let me know what you bought.


  1. Great advice BlackSwan

  2. Thanks TraCey! Sounds great on paper, but so hard to follow...:)

  3. Really good advice! If only I had known sooner! LOL