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The Tools

Want to know the secret to flawless makeup application? It's the brushes! Some recommend applying foundation or shadow with your fingertips. Brushes give you a professional touch for seamless blending and a natural finish plus you don't have to worry about the natural oils in your fingertips foiling the look.

DILLARDS celebrates Beauty Week until October 2nd. Select from top brands like Dior, Clinique, and Estee Lauder. These brushes are made of natural quality hairs to pick up just the right amount of product with minimal (if any) shedding.

  • The Clinique Foundation Brush -- A flat tapered brush with natural bristles ensures even application. And it's antibacterial for maximum hygiene/$30.
  • The Dior Backstage Powder Brush -- For face, eyes, and cheeks it's the perfect blending brush/$52.
  • The Lancome Dual End Liner & Shadow Brush #18 -- Performs double duty as a liner and shadow brush for maximum definition/$31.50.
  • The Pur Minerals Utility Brush -- Applies pressed or loose mineral makeup to hard-to reach areas in need of superior coverage (think under-eye)/$16.00.

Click here for additional choices. Brushing up on beauty was never easier.

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