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Blushing Beauty

Blush: A reddening of the face from modesty; a rosy color.

The definition is simple. If our bodies do it naturally, then makeup can only enhance the effect. Although many women skip it, blush adds dimension, brightness and warmth (think: youthfulness) to the face. Universal shades include soft peachy or watermelon tones. I keep NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm/$26 and MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush in Blushbaby /$18.50 in my kit -- both are flattering on most complexions. My personal favorite is Fever by MAC. Looks overwhelming but with the right application, it's perfect!

How To's For:
Oval Face -- Highest concentration of color should be on your apples. Draws attention to center of your face.
Heart Face -- To soften and broaden your pointed chin, apply blush to the lower part of the apple and add highlighter around the jawbone for balance.
Round Face -- Apply directly under cheekbone to create shape and angles. Avoid getting too close to the nose as it emphasizes full cheeks. Add a darker contour shade for definition.
Square Face: Concentrate color onto apples and towards your temples. Soften with contour shade at your chin and underside of cheekbones.


  • Smile first for the best product placement.
  • Tap excess powder from blush.
  • For cream blush, gently swirl brush on napkin before applying.

Become a blushing beauty. Nothing wakes up a face faster!

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