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A Luminous Look

The onset of cold weather is definitely taking away my glow. Thankfully I've discovered my own 'genie in a bottle.' I just tried STILA's ALL OVER SHIMMER LIQUID LUMINIZER #3/Luminous Gold after a client requested a luminous look similar to Tamia's. It's soft and pretty and gives off a refreshed look. The perfect pick-me-up for my lackluster skin. It literally enhances the complexion -- skin looked radiant (not greasy) with a sheer subtle sheen. I'm not crazy about the polish applicator brush so I applied with a foundation brush instead. Start off with a small amount for best results and blend! Order from and you can choose from two shades (lists Luminous Silver too). Both are listed at $8 -- a steal from the standard $22 at other outlets.

  • Can be used with foundation OR without!
  • Apply to inner corners of eyes, tops of cheekbones and under brows.
  • Don't neglect neck, decollete and arms if you're baring a bit more after hours.
You might also like CLINIQUE "UP-LIGHTING LIQUID ILLUMINATOR/$22.50 (3 shades and oil-free) or NARS ORGASM ILLUMINATOR/$29.
(Tamia's video from

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