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Skin matters! Even to you men! Got a call from a male friend about moisturizer the other day. I recommended my hubby's favorites but wanted to give him another option.

REVERSE by Zirh is an anti-aging serum guaranteeing results almost immediately. The dual colored serum smooths skin's texture, minimizes pores, lines and wrinkles. The cooling clear gel is packed with vitamins and peptides to promote a toned healthy complexion and firms from the inside.

REVERSE leaves skin refreshed and completely hydrated. Never sticky or heavy...perfect for all skin types/$45. Visit for $10 off with the code GQREVERSE and get free skincare samples with every order.

You might also like Nickel Maxymum Time Fighting Facial Concentrate/$72 or Every Man Jack Facial Lotion for a greener parabens, dyes or sulfate/$6.

Hope this helps Joey!

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