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Toasting the MAC Cham Pale Collection

MAC COSMETICS is known for vibrant, impactful color but they've toned things down with the launch of The Cham Pale Collection. The limited edition/26 piece collection will be hitting stores December 26th. Shades are completely neutral but range from shimmery soft finishes to high shine frosts. The colors are pretty and amped up with opulence. The rose gold and lame finishes in the Reserve Highlight Powders are gorgeous! My picks include the two paint pots -- a soft onyx/Dangerous Cuvee and a metallic peach/Vintage Selection. Also like Soiree, the bronze nail lacquer, Bubble Lounge, a smooth pink peach lip gelee and the quad that compliments it all.

The skin care has somethng new -- calming ingredients to soothe and repair skin over time. Algae extracts, wheat germ and barley extracts are found in the Complete Comfort Creme (a permanent fixture in the states) to visibly reduce redness and zap winter skin with moisture. There's also Fix + Lavender...nice. I haven't tried either of the two but I will play around with it on my next visit to Nordstrom. If you beat me to it, please share your findings!

Visit or your local department store to experience this luxury on Saturday.

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