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The Glee Club

OPI has scored big with THE GLEE COLLECTION, in stores next month. "GLEE" fans can show their love by donning shades from the limited edition collection.

Soon to be in SEPHORA and JC Penney, the launch consists of seven shades that take cues from the show: Hell to the No is a vibrant purple. Slushied is the opaque light blue. A pearled green gray called Mash Up and Who Let the Dorks Out, a peacock green, add offbeat flavor to the collection. Diva in Training, a vibrant pink, Gleek Out, a glittery lime green and Miss Bossy Pants, a raspberry shade make it hard to choose/$9 per at

In case you can't decide on just one, score big with the mini sets (pictured right). Each includes exclusives -- a glittery top coat Celibacy Club, a navy blue Sue vs Shue and Express Yourself to Yourself, a coral shimmer/$22. Add a personal touch with appliques in special GLEE designs.

Fragrances and cosmetics are rumored to follow. More on nail inspired looks here.

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