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Honeycat Cosmetics Giveaway

As a thank you for supporting BLACKswan Beauty, I am happy to announce that the official HONEYCAT COSMETICS giveaway is finally here. You can win all natural products that put a fresh sexy spin on bath time.

Several ways to win:

  1. Subscribe directly to BLACKswan Beauty and leave a comment with your favorite bath time ritual.
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NOTE: Be sure to include New2BSB with each comment. Contest open to U.S. residents (in the 50 states/D.C.) only. Winners will be chosen at random on 1/23/11 at 6 pm EST. You will have 24 hours to respond.


  1. My bath time ritual includes candles and more candles, in fact I am so accustomed to dim sexy lights at my bath time, I can't take a bath with the bright light shinning any more. Candlelight and citrus fruit infused aroma is a must,gentle liquid soap and it is on.

  2. SENT TO ME VIA EMAIL by a direct subscriber:

    This is my bath time ritual: run the water in my Jacuzzi, decide which bath oil I’m going to use (my decision depends a whole lot on if my hubby will be joining me), decide if I’m going to read, watch a movie, have a glass of Moscato or just meditate, once all the above is figured out; I’ll ease into the Jacuzzi the rest is history.