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DIY Natural Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Hair goes through alot during this time of year. Exposure to the sun, swimming, exercising and changing our hair color can strip the hair of moisture and weaken our locks. Who has time to hit the salon every week? Not me!!! So, I'm sharing an easy inexpensive recipe to restore shine, moisture and softness to hair.

For Dry Hair: Mix one half of a mashed avocado with 1/2 cup of *olive oil and 1/4 *almond oil. If you have an itchy scalp, massage the mask into your scalp for five minutes. Be sure to coat all of your hair with the mixture. Cover your head with a plastic cap for fifteen minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Continue with your shampoo/conditioning routine.

*The fatty acids in the two oils are super hydrating and strengthen the hair. The protein and amino acids found in the avocado also fortify the hair shaft and leads to less breakage.

This DIY deep conditioning treatment is essential for healthy hair. Two of my other favorite hair secrets: I rub pure coconut oil onto my hair prior to relaxing and I trim my ends every two to three weeks. Share your hair care secrets with us here...would love to hear from you. Check out InStyle for the 50 Best Hair Tips from around the world.

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