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Whether you choose to "beat your face" every day, opt for barely there makeup or none at all, we all want healthy clear skin. It's the key to a flawless look. I've been introduced to, a site that features products, skincare routines, and customized recommendations based on your personal profile. It also has a community board where you can chat about skin issues (hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and rosacea) and compare what works with a SkinTwin (someone with a skin profile like yours).

Finding a solid skincare regime can be costly (trial & error methods) and dermatologists are expensive. What's really cool is that is completely 100% unbiased. They don't push products. Online consults are tailored to your needs specifically and based on stuff you already use. Purchase products from brands like MURAD, ANTHONY LOGISTICS for Men and OPI to name a few. provides expert assistance to all ethnic backgrounds, age groups and both sexes. And did I mention that it's F.R.E.E?

More news coming on this phenomenal site soon...Stay tuned!


  1. cool. very nice site. thanks for the tip.

  2. Looks interesting...I'm gonna visit this site now! Thanks!