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Celeb Beauty Blunders to Avoid

JENNIFER LOPEZ is a style chameleon, a true beauty in my book. She pairs everything with a certain confidence. But even vixens have a bad beauty day. Perhaps the attempt to wear a favorite nude lipstick failed as a result of JENNIFER's golden glow.

TIP: Your complexion changes throughout the seasons. Your beauty routines and makeup should too. In warmer months, choose a warm toned nude shade to avoid a pasty look.

Another muse is RIHANNA. Always edgy and daring, she creates unforgettable looks with bold colors and style. This Caribbean beauty wasn't shade matched properly at an international event. Her foundation was too light making her look a bit pale.

TIP: Be sure to test foundation along your jawline for a true match. View it in different lighting or wear it for awhile. If the color completely blends in so you can't see it, that's your shade.

Another favorite beauty, EVA MARCILLE has perfected her signature...a short hair cut, seductive eyes and those cheekbones define her look. But in this picture she has an extreme bright eyed look -- too much illuminator under the eyes. Covering up under eye circles is a must but overdoing it with ashy concealers or super bright illuminators looks artificial.

TIP: Per beauty guru, Sam Fine, select a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight the area. It opens up the eye area. And remember to blend well for a seamless look. Snap a few pictures with a flash to see how it wears.


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