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Say Yes to DIY Skincare with Coconuts!

The buzz on coconut continues now with skincare advice from Why the sudden craze for coconuts? The small molecular structure of coconut oil absorbs easily into our bodies. Mega moisturizing and hypoallergenic, its perfect for this season. Gentle, yet potent enough to carry you through cold weather in fall and winter. Coconut oil is found in lotions, moisturizers and conditioners. An active ingredient, lauric acid, makes it effective in treating eczema, diaper rash and other anti-fungal ailments.

Some of my coconut oil regimens:

* I mix coconut and olive oil as a deep conditioner to saturate my mini-me's hair. She sits under a heating cap for fifteen minutes and then we wash and conditioner her hair. Added softness and elasticity.

* I've also used pure coconut oil to soften skin in our skin in the bath...just pour a little into the water along with lavender essential oil. Relaxing at home spa treatment.

Conventional tips from the mySkin site:

For Face: Use coconut oil to gently remove makeup, grime and dirt at the end of the day just like a regular cleanser. Rinse and follow with a gentle face wash.

For Lips: Keep lips soft (and kissable) with lip balms containing coconut oil, vitamin E and aloe. Your mouth remains supple all day long. Or massage coconut oil into your lips as an overnight treatment.

For Feet: Coconut foot creams help repair dry, cracked heels -- a "DON'T" in sandal season. Massage coconut oil directly onto feet or combine with your favorite foot cream for maximum hydration.

Read the rest of the DIY coconut recipes at mySkin now.

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