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STYLEMINT.COM is a website recently launched by the Olsen Twins. The site offers a summer staple: t-shirts!

MaryKate told WWD that "Ashley and I have created an online experience reflecting our love of style allowing us to engage with our customers directly, which is an aspiring way for us to think and create as designers." And what is "the experience?" Each month, members submit a style profile then select t-shirts tailored to their preferences and STYLEMINT stock for $29.99 each. Although the two have a quirky sense of style, the tees are pretty basic. There is a limited edition graphic t-shirt featured each month. The site also offers free membership and head-to-toe styling advice.

Really, I adore the Olsens approach to style. It's all about individuality. They wear what they want, how they want with full confidence. Personally, I think it's unexpected that they would launch a t-shirt line --so simple and versatile.

Yep! MaryKate and Ashley have added yet another notch on their multi-million dollar belt. Sign up here for their new venture. Share your experience in the comments section or my FaceBook page: The BLACKswan at Beyond Beauty.

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