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A childhood interest for art and design grew into a passion for all things beauty. Currently, I’m still smitten.


Matte and minx finishes. Crackle. Embellished stickers and gel nails. Getting a manicure these days has turned into an art project. Textured effects are big news and an inexpensive accessory. The latest trend is magnetic...lacquers containing metallic particles that are moved with a magnet embedded in each bottle top. Seems easy too -- after polishing each nail, wave the bottle cap above every nail before the polish dries for a rippled effect. Creates an unpredictable design that is truly unique.

Exclusive to Sephora, nails inc. launched pretty shimmery shades: House of Parliament (metallic purple) Big Ben (metallic gold) and Trafalgar Square (metallic chrome)/$16 per bottle or $30 for trio. View a demo here.


  1. pretty blog

    -Mia xo

  2. I agree with you on nail trends. Pretty cool nail polish too. I might want to check those out.


  3. @Npla, let me know if you like it!
    @mia, thanks for the compliment....