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LANCOME Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

A few weeks ago, I received a package containing LANCOME's Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector. Apprehensive about giving up my normal skin care routine which is working really well for these days, I did just that.

Although recently launched, this serum took twelve years to develop....a patented scientific breakthrough with LR 2412, a molecule that's said to reprogram the skin to "auto-correct" problem areas. Perfect for all skin types for women 25 + with claims to diminish pores, smooth wrinkles and even skin tone. It also sort of preps the skin for makeup application with a bit of luminosity.

Today is day 14 since I initially tried the product. During that time, I admit I had my standard breakout -- a pimple that surfaces and sits in the center of my cheek for a few days. I was impressed to find that the serum shortened the life of the blemish -- flattened it and reduced the redness. Although you can see the pearl reflects, it dries to a matte finish which I love. Fortunately, wrinkles are not a concern but I felt it gave my skin a fresh look. Finally, I have a stubborn acne spot that hasn't lightened YET but I haven't been using Visionnaire too long. I may alternate it with a botanical treatment (lemon juice) for quicker results (vanity wins this time around).

Overall, I was happy with my trial. A few pumps of the product is all it takes for great results. I'll post again with my findings in a few more weeks! Meantime, check it out for yourselves....get a sample or purchase at your favorite department or Sephora store/$84.

PLEASE NOTE: This product was received as "a beauty insider," by BLACKswan Beauty, as a trial for personal use and review. I have no affiliation with Lancome and received no compensation for my commentary.

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