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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Beauty goes beyond how you do your makeup. It's more about identifying what works for you....natural, trendy, edgy, or classic looks. No matter what your style profile, beauty starts with healthy skin.

CLEANSING: You've heard me go on and on about removing your makeup at night...EVERY night. It's a must. This is an easy "do" for even the most high maintenance girl
Find a cleanser that works for your skin type - gel, cream or foaming.

EXFOLIATING: You can splurge on facials every month but radiant skin is easy to attain with a scrub. Scrubs assist with the natural shedding, dry skin removal and promote smoother more even toned skin. One to try is OLAY SKIN SMOOTHING CREAM SCRUB/$7.00 at Ulta. Claims to ''sweep away dirt and impurities leaving fresh clean skin with microbead ribbons that refine skin and minimize appearance of pores.' Plus it's oil free.

MOISTURIZING: Essential for shielding your skin against the elements, moisturizing your face after cleansing is important for a youthful complexion. Hydration is the key but nothing too greasy. Choose a cream or serum that leaves skin soft and supple. One with an SPF wouldn't hurt either.

No matter what product you choose, remember a high price tag doesn't necessarily mean the benefits are better. Simple ingredients like Vitamin C and green tea extracts with an inexpensive price will suffice. Heard the phrase "you are what you eat?" Try nourishing your skin from the inside out. You'll get a healthy glow from a healthy diet. The more colorful the fruits and veggies, the better. Regular exercise boosts blood flow to the skin, eases stress that causes flare ups and releases toxins that can clog pores or cause blemishes. Last, catch up on the zzzzzzzzz's. Beauty sleep is vital for beautiful skin too.

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