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Fashion Preview: Jason Wu for Target Spring 2012

The talented designer, JASON WU, is collaborating with Target for his most affordable collection yet. Launching next month, pieces include a cute sailor-esque dress with bold stripes of tangerine and white, a striped yellow flirty dress, and a black and white convertible satchel. In addition to the charming dresses, you can expect dainty blouses, sporty knits and tennis skirts. It's reported that nothing will sell for more than $60. Snag your goods online or in store on February 5th.
(Article inspired by the NY Times.. Pictures from and )


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  2. Dear Anonymous...

    I know L'Oreal puts a lot of research into the formulas, brushes and packaging but I'm with you on this one...I find that the Voluminous mascaras work best for me too. Thank you for your feedback. I will relay the info to the company! Please keep the comments coming!

  3. Wow love these stuffs. Great post keep it up!