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Meeting in the Men's (G)Room

Guys, here's a head's up. The New Year is the perfect time to start taking better care of yourself! Let unrealistic resolutions fall to the wayside. Take care of your grooming needs with these easy expert recommendations to put your best face (and body) forward.

1. Hydrate and Hydrate Some More. Adding a few extra minutes to your grooming routine this winter will really pay off. A few minutes once a week is all it takes. CLARINS HydraQuench Cream Mask/$35 simply restores moisture to your face. The name says it quenches thirsty skin.

2. Switch Up Your Shaving Stuff. Dried out after shaving? You need a rich shaving cream, sans the alcohol, to soften hairs for a close comfortable shave and protect the skin from dryness and razor burn. The ART OF SHAVING Cream/$22 --Unscented is your go to...perfect for sensitive skin too.

3. Get Rid of Dead Skin. Dead skin cells may have your face looking a bit dull. Get into the habit of exfoliating at least twice a week with a gentle scrub. CLARINSMEN Active Face Scrub/$19.50 sloughs away lifeless skin cells that can dull skin. TIP: Mix it with your cleanser for a two and one clean!

4. Give Eyes Some Attention. Guys sometimes ignore the eye area. It's a must for EVERYbody to treat the delicate skin around your eyes. Temporarily depuff and decrinkle with PETER THOMAS ROTH Instant FirmX Eye/$38 . Pat away excess residue with fingertips or a damp cloth.

5. Soften Up Your Hands. Hand washing, sanitizers and cold weather can dry out your hands. Slather on a rich hand cream to winter-proof and protect your skin. LAB SERIES Get Recharged Active Hand Cream/$15 soothes dryness with mineral rich electrolytes that replenish moisture.

6. Try a Fancy Shower Gel/$22. A luxe shower gel that smells good will perk up your image and ego. A confident man is always sexy...enough said!

Thanks to beauty editor, Baze Mpinja for MACY's, who shared this tidbit via Twitter.


  1. thank you. I will check these products out

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Please share your product review with BLACKswan Beauty after....Thanks!

  3. I've used the Art Of Shaving Cream product. I have ultra sensitive skin and I still bumped up two to three days after. I would suggest applying some Bumpstopper cream after the shave and each day following it to reduce if you face the hair bump problem I have. Cheers for the great information!!!!

    1. Hey Martin:
      My husband swears by Bumpstopper. Works wonders. Also, try adding Tea Tree Oil to your moisturizer to treat pesky ingrowns. Additionally, applying a hot towel softens the hair making shaving smoother too. Always greatful for your feedback.