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Three DIY Beauty Eye Serums

Serums are little wonder tubes that erase unwanted laugh lines and frown lines on the forehead. Highly concentrated ingredients (vitamins, peptides and antioxidants) are delivered deep into the skin to provide quicker results. Eye serums specifically treat wrinkles and crow's feet taking years off your peepers. Early prevention and treatment are key to a fresh face and youthful appearance. Get maximum results at home when you concoct these remedies yourself at minimum cost.

Ultimate Eye Serum
1 tablespoon of Grape Seed Oil
1 teaspoon of Carrot Oil
1 teaspoon Pomegranate Seed Oil
1 teaspoon Cranberry Seed Oil

Combine ingredients in a clean dry glass bottle. Apply one drop to each eye. Grape seed oil is antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and easily absorbs into the skin. Pomegranate oil fights free radicals and promotes skin regeneration. Cranberry seed oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3s, 6s and 9s.

Anti-Aging Eye Serum
1 oz of Jojoba Oil
5 drops of Rose Oil
5 drops of Chamomile Oil
5 drops of Apricot-Kernel Oil

Mix oils in glass jar and apply below your eyes and on the brow bone. This serum has restorative qualities to help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Jojoba oil penetrates the three layers of skin and the Vitamin E in jojoba oil softens skin. Rose oil and Chamomile oil speed in skin cell turnover while Apricot-Kernel oil protects the sensitive skin around the eye from the cold and dryness (read: wrinkle-free).

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum
15 drops of Jojoba Oil
2 tablespoons of Hazelnut Oil
3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
3 drops of Rosewood Essential Oil
2 Capsules of Vitamin E

Combine and store oils in glass jar. Use this as part of your nighttime routine for a refreshed face in the morning. Rosewood seed oil is rich in Vitamin A which delays aging and assists in cell regeneration. It also increases collagen and restores elasticity and firmness around the eye. Hazelnut oil is emollient, strengthens capillaries and is great for all skin types.

Although these DIY treatments are super moisturizing, traditionally, eye serums are not hydrating but work well with a moisturizer. It's recommended that your moisturizer is layered on top to seal in active ingredients around the delicate eye area. Natural ingredients may be less irritating but be sure to test the area first to avoid allergic reactions. Using eye serums is a personal choice so decide if it fits into your beauty routine.

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  1. Thanks...always appreciate the support!

  2. nice! i wonder where i can buy these oils...

  3. Hello Sweet Balacanag:
    Essential oils can be purchased at your local health food store and sometimes, the grocery store.

  4. Having trouble finding that Rosewood oil. Any suggestions on locations local to the metropolitan New York area?

  5. Hi Martin:

    Try Whole Foods at Columbus Circle or The Health Nut on 99th & B'way. Thanks!