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Nordstrom Exclusive: The Pouch Brush Set

NORDSTROM’s Pouch Brush Set features an assortment of brushes that comes with a sleek little quilted pouch. There’s a brush for all your basic application needs. The set includes seven synthetic brushes: face, blush, foundation, concealer, two shadow brushes and an angled eyeliner brush (for winged liner or defined brows).

Buying each one could cost over $100 if purchased separately. These brushes are soft, durable and travel friendly. Preserve your brushes with regular cleanings! At least once a week, use a gentle brush cleaner or warm soapy water (Dawn dishwashing liquid works per celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine) to avoid shedding and built-up bacteria. The skunky black and white bristles conveniently show how well you clean each one. Not bad for $35/NORDSTROM exclusive.

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