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Bye Bye Puffiness

Lack of sleep, too many salty/sugary snacks or allergies may make you look...swollen.  Add my favorite cocktail (a salted margarita) to the equation and it's a wrap!  You could puff up like a blowfish the next day. 

The delicate thin skin around your eyes requires special attention.  Give your eyes a little TLC to reduce swelling:

  • Splash cold water on your face to constrict blood vessels.
  • Cucumber slices are hydrating and contain anti-inflammatory properties to refresh swollen eyes.
  • Use an eye mask to refresh tired eyes for 10 minutes like the SEPHORA Instant Depuffing Eye Mask/$6.
  • Perform a gentle mini-massage around your eyes using your middle finger.
  • Try DR. NV PERRICONE MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy to minimize fine lines plus reduce puffiness and discoloration with Vitamin C and other antioxidants/$98.

TIP:   Getting eight hours is essential for a clear complexion and a great demeanor.  Sleeping in the right position also wards off puffy eyes.  Catch some zzzz's on your back with your head slightly elevated.  Gravity drains fluids down away from your face.

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