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Beauty Myths Busted

BSB is happy to shed light on some of the most popular beauty myths around.  For one, stuff like "eating greasy foods causes acne," is not necessarily true.  It's more likely that sugary or starchy foods trigger breakouts and blemishes.

More Fiction vs. Fact

"You can shrink your pores." Porexia can only be minimized in appearance with a salicylic acid-based exfoliant to keep them unclogged like MURAD T-ZONE REFINING GEL/$40 at SephoraFor a DIY treatment, try an egg white and honey mask to tighten skin or aloe vera gel.

"Pluck one gray and seven more will grow back." Since each hair follicle can only produce one hair at a time, it's possible that the follicle next to the gray is already beginning to produce another. Brush hair with coconut or apricot oil to soften wiry grays and consider a semi-permanent color to match your natural shade.

"Crossing your legs will cause varicose veins."  Contrary to popular belief, standing for long periods of time may be the culprit..  Poor circulation makes it difficult to pump blood from the legs to the heart.  Be sure to shift weight from one leg to the other, stretch, point and flex your toes or jump up and down to get the blood flowing. 

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  1. And, re:the varicose veins, standing in poorly constructed and/or unsupported shoes.

    I'm a fan of myth-busting-- Keep it up!

  2. i always try to not cross my legs cause i believed in that myth. thanks for sharing =)

  3. Hey, thanks for the mythbusting tips, very useful!

  4. I've been fight to "shrink" my pores for so long. I'll guess I'll give the egg white mask a try. :)