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Make-Up by Charly & Women's History Month

Charlene Armstrong is the mother of a six year-old boy, a skin care enthusiast, makeup artist and beauty expert for over 10 years now.  Her specialty?   Bridal makeup…with over 250 weddings under her belt.    Co-owner of Lash to Lens Photography Studio –Makeup Bar since 2010, she’s also worked in film and with several celebrities including Clive Davis and Robin Thicke most recently.  She’s building her brand and making beauty history with each stroke of her makeup brush.
 1.           What’s your morning routine (makeup, hair, exercise, etc)?  After I crawl out of bed (not a morning person) I may do a NIKE Training Club workout,  wash my face, brush my teeth, take my shower, moisturize my face, moisturize my ENTIRE body, get dressed, feed the kid, dress the kid, put him on the bus!  In that order.

2.            What’s in your cosmetic bag?  MAC NC45 Studio Tech Foundation, some cheapy black  liquid eyeliner, Hourglass Film Noir mascara, various MAC eyeshadows,  Hourglass Nocturnal lipstick and various lipglosses.

3.            What is your beauty secret? Arbonne Seasource Sea Mud Mask . . . skin is everything to me!

4.            Name one product you can’t live without. Hard to name one. . . I guess that would be my concealer.

5.            Do you use any natural cosmetic or skin care products?  I use Shikai Borage Therapy Facial Cleanser and their facial moisturizer for dry skin.

6.            Share your favorite DIY skincare treatment or lux treatments?  Honestly, exfoliating is a big deal to me. . . so any deliciously flavored body scrub will make me feel like a million bucks when I come out of the shower.  Currently in use is Victoria Secret’s Secret Charm Smoothing Body Scrub, a gift from one of my besties!

7.            Describe your style?  (Vixen? Classic?  Edgy?  Romantic?  Boho-Bold?) Hmmmm. . . I’d like to think I’m classic with a little mix of everything else!

8.            Who is your beauty inspiration or style icon?  For makeup it would have to be Kim Kardashian (yes, sigh). . . but there are so many beautiful women in the spotlight these days it’s really hard to choose. 

9.            What is your look for date night/girl’s night out? Definitely vixen, lol!

10.        What industry are you in?  The beauty industry . . . helping women look and feel even more fabulous with makeup!

11.        Share your tips for diet and well being.  I try to do a detox at least twice a year, try to eat minimal sugar and I don’t eat dairy. . .when I’m being a really good girl lol.  But when I’m on my good girl kick, I feel great!!! 

12.        What is your strongest feature?  My best feature is my SKIN texture and complexion (especially in the summer).  I haven’t missed a day of moisturizing since I was a teenager and I exfoliate at least once a week.  I use scented, hydrating creams and a lot of natural wonderfully scented soaps.  I have been stopped by strangers in the street asking to touch my skin more than once!

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