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Show Some Love....

to yourself! A little self-indulgence is good for the soul! Start with the "sweet lemon citrus" spa mani/pedi for $30 at THE POLISH BAR OF BROOKLYN. (Regular price $37.00!) If you love the PBB products used in your treatments, you can take the fragrant lotions and sea salt scrubs home with you...3 for $25! For other promotions and to book an appointment go to

PRIVATE PAMPERING.If you prefer to stay holed up for the weekend, schedule your "spa treatment" with SOUL SANCTUARY HEALING. All services take place in the comfort of your home. Choose from hot stone massage, Swedish or aromatherapy. Call 718/828.6167 for scheduling.

PRETTY IN PINK: Meeting up with the love of your life? Be prepared to pucker up. There is something fully feminine about a pink pout! Choose a shade that fits your mood...a striking hot pink or something subtle, romantic, and flirty. Apply color with a lip brush and blot lips together to create a full stain. Dab a bit of gloss to the center of your bottom lip and play up your eyes with taupe or grey muted shadow with dark mascara as a nice compliment. Then, enjoy whatever happens next!

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