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DIY...Yes You Can!

It's no longer a "treat." Manicures are a MUST. If you don't have time to make it to your usual appointment at the nail salon, include these easy steps at home.

SOFT TOUCH: Daily living can wreck havoc on your hands. Slip on a SILICONE GLOVE from AVON protects hands from harsh chemicals and detergents in cleansers. I keep creams and lotions within reach at all times --around the house, my purse, and even in the car! Healthy cuticles promote healthy strong nail growth. After soaking your hands in warm water, rub in Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and put on white cotton gloves for a few hours.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: TWEEZERMAN MINI NAIL RESCUE KIT contains essentials for a cuticle pusher and a hangnail snipper
for $20 at I own (and love) MS. MANICURE Just In Case 7-Piece First Aid Kit for Emergency Nail Care. It includes a 3-way buffer and nail brush!

EAT UP! Combat dry brittle nails by eating papaya or foods rich in Vitamin A. Folic acid, found in avocado and orange juice, increases flexibility and nail strength. Strawberries contain silicon which promote firmness and biotin increases the thickness and nail strength overall. Besides supplements, biotin can be found in brown rice, oats, and eggs.

FIGHT IT: Treat nail fungus with nature's potent fungicide -- tea tree oil. You can combine tea tree and olive oil or rub the tea tree oil directly into the infected area until it clears.


  1. ** two thumbs up!!! That nail filer/buffer is the best! It looks like you have a coat of clear nail polish on.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Love this post and will share it with all the ladies of 360DegreeWoman.

  3. Black Swan,

    What do you think is the it color for this upcoming Summer season?


  4. Hey Anonymous: According to the color experts at PANTONE, turquoise is the "IT" color for summer 2010. (PANTONE tracks and predicts the most popular colors for home decor and fashion industries.)