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Three Embarassing Beauty Blunders...Solved!

Remember the slogan "raise your hands if you're sure?" Sweaty armpits are particularly unsightly like food stuck in your teeth. If you wear an anti-perspirant but find your armpits still feel damp, help is available at a drugstore near you. SECRET Clinical Strength Advanced Solid provides the strongest wetness and odor protection. It also stays active in heat, humidity and water. Use it at night and in the morning to keep wet pits under control.

If you were a tom-boy or a bit clumsy as a child (like me), most-likely you have the scars to prove it. Vitamin E or a scar treatment can fade some scarring but if you're looking for a quick fix, use a cover up. Apply a highly pigmented concealer to the area and blend! I remember when I first saw this trick...A girl group was getting ready for a performance. One of them applied concealer and translucent powder to a scar on her leg, put on her stilettos and rushed onstage. I use Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer by MAC Cosmetics. It's been one of my beauty secrets since.

With days of flip flops and sandals ahead, it's a must to keep heels smooth! Maintain pedicures with this DIY trick in the shower. For callouses, use a wet pumice stone along with a body scrub to slough away dead skin. Rub on a rich cream like BURT'S BEES Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme. It gently exfoliates, prevents the formation of callouses, and moisturizes too. If the skin is too thick, consult a podiatrist.

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