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MAC Superglass: For the Super Sexy Only!

MAC amps up gloss once again! On May 6, the brand introduces us to the uber sexy Superglass. It's nine glosses even more blinged-out than the super-sparkly Dazzleglass with “snowflake-shaped helicone pearls” giving us more sparkle and shine without the grit! A light aroma of vanilla enhances kissability...So worth investigating!

*Superflash (mid-tone yellow-pink)
*Sweet Tart (pale baby pink)
*Sugar Overload (white-beige)
*Disco Blend (light tan)
*Gift Wrap (light pinky peach)
*Cherry Electric (bright cherry pink)
*Totally Bang (fuchsia)
*Fab Frenzy (deep blue-purple)
*Tunnel of Love (deep blue-brown)

P.S. It's limited edition!


  1. Yummy! I need some of that.

  2. Hey Amber: In a few more days! May 6th can't get here quick enough.

  3. Black Swan,

    What do you suggest as the "go to" colors for fair skin females? Interested in hearing your point of view on this line. I still think MAC products are a tad bit overpriced though. But let me know! Thanks Black Swan!

  4. Dear Anonymous:
    Fair skin ladies have just as many options as olive or dark skin women. It depends on their undertone and the look they want to achieve. An easy option may be a bronzy look...neutral with a splash of color. Perhaps a peachy or coral sheer gloss.