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Secret No. 1

L'OREAL PARIS has a big secret in a little glass jar. Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. It just may be the key to perfecting your skin. Allows you to create a flawless look -- minimizes fine lines and seemingly makes pores vanish before your eyes. What I truly love is the texture. This primer has a super creamy luxe feel to it...doesn't feel slippery at all. It's 100% oil-free AND fragrance free. Use it after you moisturize and under foundation. It won't pill like some brands and is great for all skin types. Did I mention it wears all day? Talked about it today at The Makeup Show! Every ONE of the makeup artists there tested it for themselves. Results? Rave reviews all around!

You can try a little bit of magic yourself...The product retails for $10.99 at Target! Let me know when you do!


  1. Black Swan,

    I agree about the texture. It feels great when I apply it and throughout my day on my skin. You have great taste.

    You should do more blog entries for men though. I love the blog though! Keep it coming.

  2. Dear Anonymous: Will have more entries for men soon. Thank you.