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Secret No. 2

Glad I'm able to share another L'OREAL secret. Were you aware that the brand launched color correctors? Studio Secrets Professional Primers includes two primers for anti-dullness for light and deep complexions. The green corrector eliminates redness for a uniform skin tone.

Had the chance to sample it at The Makeup Show today on a fellow makeup artist with fair skin. A little bit around the eye really brightened her face. She liked the light texture and non-greasy feel. Each of the three are formulated to meet your unique skin type! You can use it under foundation or alone. If you can't find it in your neighborhood drugstore, try Also, you can sign up at myloreal for special offers, samples and coupons.


  1. Black Swan,

    I haven't seen this anywhere, seems like an interesting piece. I will check into it. Do you know the pricepoint on this product?


  2. Black Swan- This is great info. I will look into this today!

  3. Dear Anonymous:
    Each of the primers retail for $12.95.