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To Be Bootylicious...

Beautiful bodies have caught our attention on many occasions. Who doesn't like to see a fine man with broad shoulders, firm abs, and toned calves? And fellas LOVE to look at women who have it all -- curves in the right places, a small waist and a pretty face. We are truly visual creatures AND we like to look good.

A little nip/tuck can be invigorating for some...a real boost in confidence. However, these days, there is an obsession with "perfection." I admit I would LOVE to have a bigger tush (a la Beyonce or Jessica Biels). I know I am not alone in my quest to be bootylicious! But there are woman who are sacrificing their safety and well-being. Sadly for some, it costs them their lives. A fellow blogger featured this tragic story and I was taken aback. Cosmetic augmentation is serious. It's a personal decision that requires professional consultations and procedures along with adequate healing time.

For those of us who prefer a traditional approach, here are some options:

SQUATS: My cousin SWEARS squats round out the buttocks! Paired with exercises for your abs, this workout may very well sculpt the body nicely.

(video courtesy of

LEG LIFTS: Firms the butt and tones the thighs for a nice lift. Click here for SELF Magazine's tips on a better booty or check Women's Health.

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT PROGRAM: An in-home DVD fitness program featuring butt sculpting techniques that target all three glute muscles. Claims to reduce the hips and saddlebags AND shape and lift the butt.

BODY SHAPERS: For a sexier look instantly, this is for you. The body shaping panty has silicone padding to give your bum a boost. You can try a local lingerie shop or contact me for an ARDYSS Body Magic consultant.


  1. Black Swan,

    I a shapely woman but I still feel insecure about my buttocks. Is there a safe comestic surgery to enhance me? And what does this normally cost? I work out on a regular but I still don't have that (forgive me) plumpness I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. That's right Cousin the "gluteus maximus" is the muscle that defines the shape of the "booty", and only one
    of a layer of but muscles. Squats, doggie kicks or walking up steps can "assist the lift" and build up that muscle.

    So come on Ladies lets work it out.

  3. Yesssirrrr & well said. Cosmetic surgery can be dangerous and quite scary however, proceed with caution!

    For an inexpensive quick fix; notice I said Quick, the body magic does wonders. A bit pricy yet affordable for those who don't want to go under the knife.

    Shout out to my bottylicious sistas.


  4. Dear Anonymous:
    I would suggest you speak with your doctor for a referral. After, get a second opinion and be sure to check the credentials. You can also research the range in cost online. Meantime, the exercises or body shapers may help. Worth a try.

  5. Booty Challenged...
    You and I have discussed this very topic a thousand times and you know how I feel. I would in a heartbeat do a cosmetic booty lift. Taking the fat from my stomach, arms.. heck wherever they can find it and inject it in my butt. But this procedure is quite expensive so my desire to have a bigger butt will have to be put on hold for now. Most importantly one's beauty comes from within and knowing and believing I am beautiful with or without surgery is what matters...

  6. Dear Anonymous/Booty Challenged :)
    You are absolutely right! No matter how beautiful you are physically, those attributes fade over time. What matters most are the intangible qualities -- the person we are inside!

  7. Whatrver Blackswan

  8. Dear Anonymous:
    Please be assured I don't object to cosmetic procedures. I have a few friends who look AMAZING post surgery. They had great surgeons and caretakers. I am simply speaking as an advocate for safe procedures.