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L'Oreal Introduces All Day Drama

How did they do it? With a new waterproof liquid eyeliner.

L'OREAL PARIS Telescopic Waterproof Precision Eyeliner delivers a precise line for an intense look. It has angled felt tip that's slanted for the most accurate application. You can get as close to the lash line as possible. Clean and crisp.
More importantly, the look will last. Through sweat and tears. It's swim-proof, sweat-proof and smudge-proof. Up to 16 hours of wear, fragrance free and is great for sensitive eyes! It's the perfect product for the ever sexy cat eye.
Available in shades from Dark Brown and Black for approx $8.

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  1. Up to 16 hours? This might just become my new favorite :)

  2. Renee...
    Would love to know what the T&T clientele think about it!