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Avoid These Anti-Aging Blunders

The wrong skin-care, makeup and hair can add years fast. Maintain a fresh face with the tricks listed below.
  • Give Your Skin a Glow. Our skin dulls with age if we don't exfoliate. Try a glycolic peel at least once a week.
  • Don't Ditch the Eyeliner. Fake a bright-eyed look by applying black liner on the top lid, thickening it at the outer corners and add mascara.
  • Avoid Frosty Shadows. On mature skin, they tend to highlight fine lines and look harsh. Soften the look with subtle shimmers.
  • Resist the Urge to Glob on Eye Cream. You may wake up with itchy, even puffier eyes the next day.
  • Use Concealer Like a Pro. Choose a creamy formula in a yellow-based shade for blue/purple shadows, peach-base for brown discoloration. Blend with a brush focusing on the inner corners and set with loose powder.
  • Cream Blush: The forgiving alternative to bright powder for a youthful look. The texture holds better on older skin for a natural flush.
  • Eat Skinny Foods. Almonds, salmon, dark leafy veges and green tea are essential for antioxidants, zinc and vitamin C. These yummy skin refreshers promote cell turnover naturally.
  • Hair Scoops: Long choppy bangs soften your face if you have a short cut (and hide forehead wrinkles), loose waves are universally flattering for long hair, and highlights illuminate the face as opposed to opaque colors. If you're prone to wear ponytails, try a sideswept or loose one...pretty, sexy and sophisticated all at once.

Bottom line, even though 40 is the new 30, this stuff may just work for us! As for the rest of you, a head start is always a good thing.


  1. This is some good advice...keep it coming

  2. This is like a magazine article girl!

  3. Hey Charly...Just a lil' research plus my opinion :) Thanks honey.