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The Coverup Artist

That's what it feels like this wedding season because lots of brides have tattoos. While some prefer to let them show, many insist they be covered... COMPLETELY. So in addition to perfecting the bride's look at a consultation, we must find an exact match to conceal the "very visible" tattoo. The goal at a trial is to make sure the makeup doesn't transfer onto clothing and to avoid an allergic reaction. Depending on the size, details and color, I've been successful with waterproof concealer, full-cover cream foundation, and translucent powder. For an elaborate design, I like the COVER FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation. COVER FX also carries a water based liquid foundation called Natural FX. Both are great for sensitive skin and come in a wide shade range...even have sunscreen. There is a color guide online to assist in finding your perfect match for those who like to DIY! Blending colors is easy, the coverage is great and it makes my job easier. Approximately $45 at

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